Glad Valley Ranch- South Unit

Glad Valley, SD | 1791 acres | $1,650,000

Ziebach, Glad Valley SD

Glad Valley Ranch- North Unit

Glad Valley, Ziebach County, South Dakota

Executive Summary: The Glad Valley Ranch is located in one contiguous 3,678.15 deeded acre block in Northern Ziebach County, South Dakota.  The ranch consists of a terrific blend of native grass, tame grass, and hayground to accommodate a year round Ranch or a great summer grazing and hay unit with good early season grasses and pound producing Native Grasses for later in the grazing season.  There are 1,402 tillable acres that currently consist of: 474 acres in Hayground, 595 acres in 2nd and 3rd season improved grasses, and 333 acres available to plant this season.  The ranch is watered by 3 electric wells with tanks and one hydrant on pipeline at the headquarters well, 11 dams, 2 dugouts, and several small, undeveloped springs. The improvements are modest yet very functional and consist mainly of: 3 water wells, 1 hip-roof barn, corrals, singlewide mobile home and several mature shelterbelts.  The fences are mostly 4 strand barb wire and are in good, to excellent condition.


Access: The ranch enjoys great access, lying just 4 miles north of Highway 20 on a County Maintained Gravel Road. The Ranch is just a short distance from several great communities with most of the day to day necessities including : groceries, automotive and equipment shops and dealers, grain elevators, supply stores, Livestock Auctions, small airports, health clinics…

  • Isabel, SD: 21 miles East
  • Bison, SD: 44 miles West
  • Dupree, SD: 45 miles South East
  • Faith, SD: 57 miles South West
  • Lemmon, SD: 59 miles North
  • Mobridge, SD: 80 miles East


Larger hubs with major shopping centers and air service include:

  • Pierre, SD: 145 miles South East
  • Bismark, ND: 147 miles North
  • Rapid City, SD: 180 miles South


Mineral Rights: Any Mineral Rights held by the Seller (if any) will transfer to the Purchaser.


Water Rights: Any Water Rights held by the Seller (if any) will transfer to the Purchaser.


Acreage Breakdown for the Glad Valley Ranch: 3,678.15 Deed Acres 1,402.00 tillable acres breakdown: 474 hayland, 595 acres in 2nd and 3rd year improved grasses, 333 acres available for this season’s planting. (400 acres of the Improved grass is enrolled in a Game Fish and Parks program and cannot be altered for 8 more years.)


IRC 1031 Tax Deferred Exchange: The Sellers intend to utilize an IRC 1031 Tax Deferred Exchange and will require the Purchaser’s cooperation with no additional expenses or delays to be incurred by the Purchaser.


Priced in Its Entirety: $3,385,000.00 or $920.00 per Deeded Acre


Methods of Offering: The Glad Valley Ranch is for sale in its entirety or in two separate “units”.

 Glad Valley Ranch North Unit: The Ziebach County North Unit would be a fantastic Headquarters and consists of 1,887.07 Deeded Acres, complete with the home, barn, mature shelterbelt, and corrals. There are 1,043.25 Tillable Acres, with the balance being grass and headquarters. The property is watered by 2 electric wells and 4 dams. The Tillable acres consist of: 577.25 acres planted to Improved Grasses, 333 acres ready to plant, 133 acres of Alfalfa. This unit has 1.75 miles of county road frontage. North Ziebach County Unit Priced at: $1,790,000.00 ($948.00 per Deeded Acre)


Glad Valley Ranch South Unit: The Ziebach County South Unit boasts some of the best ground in the offering and consists of 1,791.08 Deeded Acres. This property is watered by 1 electric well, 7 dams, and 2 dugouts. An old homestead would make a fantastic home site with the well and mature shelterbelt and 341 acres of hayground plus most of the balance in exceptional grassland. South Ziebach County Unit Priced at: $1,650,000.00 ($921.00 per Deeded Acre)


Broker Comments: The Glad Valley Ranch would be a fantastic operation either in its entirety or in separate units. The combination of good Native grass to the great tame grasses compliment each other for maximum utilization. Combine the grass with the productive hayground and the tillable ground that is ready for Millet, Sorgum Sudan, Willow Creek Wheat, Corn, or various other varieties of hay or chopping feed stuffs create a property that could generate much more feed than the typical operation. If you are in the market for a great using ranch or just looking to add some property to your current holdings The Glad Valley Ranch needs to be on your short list.


To set up a Personal showing of the Property please call/text Tyson: 605.206.0034 or JD: 605.347.1100


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